Source code for h1st.schema.validators.type_helper

Utilities function to work with python types

from typing import Union, List
import pyarrow as pa

[docs]def type_name(t) -> str: """ Return a human readable string for a type """ if isinstance(t, dict): return type_name(t.get('type')) if isinstance(t, pa.Schema): return 'schema' if isinstance(t, type): return t.__name__ return str(t)
[docs]def is_union_type(t) -> bool: """ Return True if type is ``Union`` python type """ if isinstance(t, dict): t = t.get('type') return hasattr(t, '__origin__') and t.__origin__ is Union
[docs]def is_optional_type(t) -> bool: """ Return True if type is ``Optional`` python type """ if isinstance(t, dict): t = t.get('type') return is_union_type(t) and len(t.__args__) == 2 and t.__args__[1] == type(None)
[docs]def is_list_type(t) -> bool: """ Return True if ``t`` is ``List`` python type """ # print(t, getattr(t, '__origin__', None) is list) return t == list or is_pa_type(t, pa.types.is_list) or ( hasattr(t, '__origin__') and t.__origin__ in (list, List) ) or ( isinstance(t, dict) and is_list_type(t.get('type')) )
[docs]def get_list_type(t): """ Retrieve the type annotation from ``List`` """ if is_pa_type(t, pa.types.is_list): return t.value_type if hasattr(t, '__origin__') and t.__origin__ in (list, List): return t.__args__[0] if isinstance(t, dict): return t.get('item') return None
[docs]def is_pa_type(t, check): """ This function do additonal check on pyarrow type to make this works with python type:: >>> is_pa_type(pa.float64(), pa.types.is_float64) >>> True :param t: target type :param check: checker function """ return isinstance(t, pa.DataType) and check(t)
_python_types = { int: pa.types.is_integer, str: pa.types.is_string, float: pa.types.is_floating, bytes: pa.types.is_float_value, }
[docs]def validate_python_type(source, target) -> bool: """ Validate native python type and return True if two types are compatible :returns: True if two type are compatible """ if source == target: return True if is_union_type(source) or is_union_type(target): return True if isinstance(source, pa.Schema) and isinstance(target, pa.Schema): return True if target in _python_types: return is_pa_type(source, _python_types[target]) if source in _python_types: return is_pa_type(target, _python_types[source]) # TODO: integer casting, float casting, date casting return False