Source code for h1st.schema.validators.numpy_validator

import numpy  as np
from h1st.schema.validators.base import BaseValidator

[docs]class NumpySchemaValidator(BaseValidator): """ Validate numpy schema """
[docs] def is_applicable(self, schema): return schema.get('type') == np.ndarray
[docs] def validate_type(self, upstream, downstream): result = [] for err in self.validate(upstream.get('item'), downstream.get('item')): result.append(f'Item type mismatch, {err}') upstream_shape = upstream.get('shape', None) downstream_shape = downstream.get('shape', None) # validate shape if upstream_shape and downstream_shape: if len(upstream_shape) != len(downstream_shape): result.append(f'Expects shape {downstream_shape}, receives shape {upstream_shape}') else: for i, shape in enumerate(downstream_shape): if shape is not None and upstream_shape[i] is not None and upstream_shape[i] != shape: result.append(f'Expects shape {downstream_shape}, receives shape {upstream_shape}') break return result