Source code for h1st.core.context

import sys
import os
import pathlib
import logging

[docs]class Context:
[docs] def __init__(self): pass
[docs] @classmethod def init_model_repo(cls, repo_path): from h1st.model_repository import ModelRepository if not hasattr(ModelRepository, 'MODEL_REPO'): setattr(ModelRepository, 'MODEL_REPO', ModelRepository(storage=repo_path))
[docs]def init(address=None, MODEL_REPO_PATH=None): # TODO: notebook or script only? module_path, parent_path = discover_h1st_project() # so that project package can be importable immediately if parent_path and parent_path not in sys.path: sys.path.append(parent_path) if MODEL_REPO_PATH: Context.init_model_repo(MODEL_REPO_PATH)
[docs]def discover_h1st_project(cwd=None) -> tuple: # add current dir to cwd sys.path.append(os.getcwd()) cur = pathlib.Path(cwd or os.getcwd()) last_is_module = None module_path = None parent_path = None while cur != cur.parent: # detect the root of the H1ST project structure if (cur / "").exists() and (cur / "").exists(): last_is_module = True module_path = str(cur) elif last_is_module: parent_path = str(cur) break cur = cur.parent return module_path, parent_path
_stream_handler = None
[docs]def setup_logger(): global _stream_handler name = __name__.split(".")[0] logger = logging.getLogger(name) if not _stream_handler: _stream_handler = logging.StreamHandler() _stream_handler.setFormatter(logging.Formatter('%(asctime)s %(levelname)s %(name)s: %(message)s')) logger.addHandler(_stream_handler) logger.setLevel(logging.INFO)